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Farm and Barn Strip Doors

Maintain Temperatures, Block Snow and Rain, and Allow Easy Passage

Product details

Strip-Curtains.com also sells strip doors and strip curtains for animals and animal barns. Strip Curtains are commonly used as pet doors, as curtains for horses and horse stalls, barn doors, as pet exhibit doorways, pet habitat enclosures and passage ways, amongst other livestock containment and protection applications. Strip Curtains.com has supplied strip curtain kits for farm animals such as goats, pigs, lamas, sheep, cows, and other common livestock as well as to zoos with larger exotic animals such as Elephants, Giraffes and Rhino. Strip Doors provide a wind barrier while blocking all the outside elements like rain and snow keeping animals warmer and more comfortable while still allowing easy passage. Pvc Strips can be easily cleaned and are easy to maintain.

Common applications for strip door kits include animal shelters, horse barns and horse trailers, spca’s, zoo’s, doggy daycare facilities, poultry and livestock facilities, hatcheries, fish farms amongst many more. In most door applications for smaller animals, 8” wide strips are common with a standard 50% overlap while for larger animals in zoos, wider 12” wide strips have been supplied. Our Pvc strip curtains and doors can be seen at nationwide zoos such as the Washington zoo, San Diego zoo, Honolulu Zoo, and Busch Gardens zoo.

How to order
Face mount kits should be ordered larger than your opening. Header mount kits should be ordered as close to the size shown to fit in the opening.
Strips can be trimmed if too long.


$ 29.90
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Step 1 Enter opening measurements (in inches)

Select desired strip width :

* 6"(light duty) - 8"(medium duty) - 12" & 16" (heavy duty)
Step 2 Select an available strip type for your opening

Standard Smooth (Common)

Indoor/Outdoor UV absorber; will not discolor temperature range from -10° to 150° F 4" to 48" and thicknesses from .060" to .160".
Step 3 Choose your overlap
Step 4 Choose an available hardware type
Additional Options:
Add Safety Orange Side Strips.
Extra: $

(Outlining the sides of doors provides a visual guide to forklift and equipment operators) - 2 strips will be orange.
Add a pack of 4 extra replacement strips.
Extra: $ Qty:

(Additional Replacement Strips – pre-cut and punched with holes ready to hang)
Door Detail
Total Pre Cut Strips :
Total Hardware(Ft) :
SKU : STRDR108X108-808-Aztec Weld 15 strips–fm–hardware incl.
This kit weighs 50 lbs...approximate shipping of $29.00 ( UPS )
Price Detail
Material Weight: 0 lbs.
Shipping Cost: $ 0.00

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