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Customize your strip door size. 4 Easy Steps. Choose from a variety of pvc strips. Face Mount and Header Mount Hardware Options.
Strip Door - 48 in. X 84 in. Clear Ribbed (Common). Total of 8 strips + Galv Hardware. Ready to Hang $89.68
Strip Door - 96 in. X 120 in. Clear, includes hardware and strips. Maintain Temperatures and Reduce Hydro. Only $234.00
Sliding Strip Doors are a practical solution in which the strip curtains need to be moved.
Strip Doors (Accordion Mount) - 96 in. X 120 in. Strips turn and retract off to the sides of an opening. Configure as single Sliding or Bi part. Only $877.98
Strip Doors (Stand-Off Mount) - 96 in. X 120 in. Clear Ribbed. Allow for installation around an existing conventional roll-up door. Only $564.94
8' X 9' Truck and Trailer Strip Curtain manufactured from 8” strips with a 50% overlap. Includes Face Mount Hardware. Only $233.11
Amber Weld kits and yellow semi transparent kits in applications where visibility needs to be reduced.
Black Vinyl Strips are Completely Opaque. Common for Luggage Conveyors and Doors where privacy is needed.
Strip Curtain 96" x 96" Blue Weld Strip Door. Includes Strips & Hardware. Design Any Size. Only $198.02
Strip Curtain 96" X 96" Azted Red Wel Strip Door. Includes Strips & Hardware. Design Any Size. Only $198.02
Strip Curtain 96" X 96" Dark Amber Wel Strip Door. Includes Strips & Hardware. Design Any Size. Only $198.02
No longer will shoppers leave the frozen food and cooled sections to avoid the cold air.
Barn and Livestock Strip Curtains commonly come in 8" and 12" strips. Applications include animal shelters, barns, trailers & others. Use coupon code: nomorecovid and get 10% off
Anti static strip curtains. Dissipate static build up and prevent static discharge. Common in Clean Rooms. From $89.00
Looped Strip Curtains can be mounted over a rod or bar and provide for quick installation. No special tools are required. Sarting from $69.00
Installed to created enclosures or cubicles. Protect machinery or sensitive equipment from contaminants.
Replacement Strips - Common Grades include standard, low temp, amber weld, ribbed, and opaque amongst many more.
Plastic strip doors increase sanitation, help maintain temperatures and reduce costly hydro.
Common Grades of vinyl strips include standard and low temperature, amongst many more.
commonly hung around exhaust hoods and vents to help contain and siphon pollutants
Air door provide an invisible air barrier by circulating and blowing forced air
Save Energy Day & Night! Cooler display curtains offer many benefits.
bulk pvc materials for a variety of applications including cooler and freezer applications, and more
Craneway Strip Curtains are common in closing the opening to which a crane passes from inside a building to the outside. Design any size kit. Sarting from $899.00
Frosted Strip Door

Order complete Kits ( Hardware & Strips ) to Seal your Opening. Choose from Face & Header Mount to Sliding Options and Stand-Off Systems

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