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Welding Curtains & Screens

Modular Frames Also Available

Modular Frames Also Available

Amber Weld Strip

  • Used for welding screen applications or as a partial sight barrier.
  • Formulated with UV absorber to absorb and protect from hazardous UV rays
  • From 10 deg to 150 deg F

Available in widths from 8" to 48"  - thicknesses from .080" to .120".

Amber Weld Strips are extruded with additives that make the curtains fire retardant/flame resistant. These curtains are ideal in applications that require light or spark control such as in welding applications or high heat environments.

Application to the left depict a welder and an oven enclosure

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Also available are Aztec Red and Hunter Green Weld Panels

Also Available are Weld Curtains in Red and Dark Green (sold per square ft) - All Weld Curtains are shipped in bundles. As shown above. Materials are all insured with UPS.  CALL FOR INFORMATION


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