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Hi Jeff, we received the shipment; the stuff is great exactly as you represented it to be. We've installed 90% of the job flawlessly, however when we come to the end we are off 2 pcs of hardware 1) 24" and another 36" could you please send them off to us tomorrow so we can complete the installation. Thanks for the help I will be recommending you guys to a few friends who saw the
curtains and said what a great idea this is. Sincerely   

Richie Marks - SKD - New York

I wanted to thank you for the great job on getting me the curtains for the warehouse. They worked out great and look good. I wanted to touch base with you because I am in need of about 30 feet of curtain cut to the same length height that I can use as marking curtains for employees to enter through. I will need these to be in a clear but colored to signify such areas. Can you let me know what colors are available?


Caleb Advocate - Hydrofarm - CA

We received the curtains and hardware yesterday. Maintenance has already installed some of it and we are very pleased with the quality of the material and with the cutting and perforations. I was a little concerned with the appearance of a curtain 100 feet long but with the accuracy of your cutting, the line is perfectly straight and pleasing to the eye. Thanks for a quality product and the timely
delivery of a custom order.

Linde Gas LLC - PA -
Phone 978-439-1390

Thanks for been concern on the deliver i did got everything fine 6 rolls and 3 of the brackets 10 ft each and i did install the strips today we did like it and i was going to order more now i need 4 of the brackets 10ft each and maybe 3 or 4 more rolls of the pvc plastic

kendal Jackson - Ramiro F- CA

In general, the curtains turned out well. They look great on the building and CMHC plans to use them particularly for their winter events. You should come and see it. Everyone seems pretty happy.

Double Dare Design - Vancouver CA

We love our strip curtain!  It took a couple days longer than I thought to arrive but when it did come I was pleases w/ the product.   Thank you and I hope my response is what you were looking for.    

John Macedonio Jr. - Columbus Oil Co.

Just a routine follow up as to the strip doors that we shipped to your company ....our order # 12078

In an effort to increase our customer service satisfaction we would like to know how your experience with was ??

Did the product fit the application ? Yes.
Was the product received in a timely manner ? Absolutely.  Great service!

Any feedback would be appreciated .....
Your help and service were a great help to our start-up.  Thank you!

Diana West
Dow Chemical , CA

Got it, thanks, thanks for your prompt response, when I need something,
you will get my business, thanks again.

Wampler, William E
University of TEXAS at Arlington

We got the strip doors.  Very nice. The product has worked great.....Please quote another strip door for me:
Opening is 51.5 wide x 81.25 tall
Anti-static.  Face mount.

Rick  - Exquadrum Industries

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